New Residence Building Technology


Its Built with Styrofoam Panels

Marquis Building believes they have actually located a means to satisfy their own demands and their buyers’. They create with SIPs – 4 & 6-inch-thick areas of EPS foam, like the material where coffee cups are made, sandwiched in between sheets of galvanized steel.

The panels, 4 feet wide, snap with each other with a T&G joint so they can be assembled promptly by employees. The foam is laminated in between sheets of steel.

The panels, known as SIPs, have been around for 60 years, but simply in the stay 10 years have they begun to be utilized in mainstream of building

“It’s a thermal and architectural layer,” the contractor shared houses are certified to withstand end up to 140 mph, making it cyclone worthy. The lack of timber indicates it is unfriendly to termites. “There’s no meals worth there,”.

Marquis claims their clients “quickly realize the concept that a strong foam-core house has reached be far more electricity reliable compared to conventional. It truly sells itself.”.

Along with energy efficiency, the steel panels offer a cleaner IAQ, mold and mildew resisting setting. They hold a Twenty Years corrosion warranty. They surpass Florida’s storm codes, are effect examined and utilized for typhoon shelter building in Ft, Meyers, FL.
Steel SIPs construction will minimize insurance premiums up to 53 % in typhoon prone locations over wood structure construction.