New Invention – BEDJET Sleep better with ultra rapid bed heating & cooling

Never be too cold or too hot in bed again. Superheat your bedding in just 180 seconds or cool off instantly via bedside remote control.
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Do you dread getting into a chilly winter bed? Do you find yourself getting into bed wearing layers of pajamas, heavy socks and a sweater, just to avoid the chill of the sheets while the bed slowly warms up? Thirty minutes later, do you feel like your feet still aren’t warm enough even under a heavy comforter?

The BEDJET transforms those unhappy winter moments into the delightful sensation of the summer sun on your skin, or the feeling of a hot towel just out of the dryer wrapped around you. Invented by an ex-NASA spacesuit engineer, the BEDJET provides on-demand ultra rapid hot and toasty pre-heating for your bed in just 3 minutes all via a wireless remote or the optional smartphone app. The 3 to 8 minute auto shutoff after activation lets you know your bedding has been fully heated by more than 30 degrees over room temperature. Take those socks off, it’s pure pleasure and provides great warming for your feet and legs.

During summer months use the powerful BEDJET cooling feature when you are feeling hot and stuffy under those blankets. Press the cooling button on the remote and the BEDJET instantly disperses built-up body heat with a dry and refreshing room temperature breeze between the bed sheets and over your body. Hot flashes and damp night sweats no more.

30% of American’s suffer from chronic insomnia. A growing number of studies are showing that body temperature regulation in bed plays a critical role in many of these cases. Sleepiness and sleep propensity are strongly tied to our own individual natural thermo-regulation of body core temperatures and avoiding the feeling of being too hot or too cold through the night. Having your extremities warmed when getting into bed and being properly cooled have both been demonstrated to promote deep circadian rhythm sleep.

This is no electric blanket and it’s no bedroom fan. It’s a durable and quiet forced air heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that ducts right into your bedding. It has 15 times the power and speed of any electric blanket and will cool you faster than any room air conditioner. The BEDJET is a whole new product class (patent pending) and a delightful experience never before available for your bed at home.

The BEDJET is an environmentally conscious energy saver and pays for itself in less than one year. Turn down your whole house heating or air conditioning by a few degrees more at night and let your BEDJET do the work. Costs less than 4 cents a day to operate.

After 8 months of development, the product exists today as a fully functional 3rd generation pre-production hardware and we need your help to bring it into full production. Patents have been filed and are pending.

Luxury automobile manufacturers have spent decades perfecting miniaturized heating and air conditioning systems mounted inside car seats that provide indulgent comfort when driving. Yet when it comes to our beds, where we spend 30% of our lives, there is an abysmal lack of technological innovation dedicated to being perfectly warm or cool when under the sheets. It’s always the same old electric blanket, same old space heater, same old room air conditioner or room fan.

The BEDJET was developed in 2013 to bring the most advanced technology available to actively heat and cool the part of the bedroom that matters the most when you are there: your space between the sheets.

The BEDJET sits next to or under the foot of your bed and sends forced hot air or refreshing room air in between your top and bottom sheets via a small unobtrusive duct anchored at the bottom corner of the bed.

The bedside wireless remote control or optional smartphone app activates the heat or cool function. Once activated, the patent pending and precisely tuned blower, ducting system and outlet nozzle operate at a very specific air pressure to create a scientifically magical event in your bedding. The BEDJET quietly generates a small cushion of turbulent air between the upper and lower bedsheets that lifts the top bedding off the bed by a few inches. This tenting effect on the bedding combined with the turbulent air flow enables BEDJET air to permeate throughout the entire sleeping area and provide even heating or cooling. Set the auto shutoff timer or blower speed for your comfort level. It’s a delight to be under while running.

Never be too cold or too hot in bed again. Superheat your bedding in just 180 seconds or cool off instantly via bedside remote control.
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